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I can provide technical consulting services for trawler to yacht conversionGiven my intimate knowledge of these North Sea trawlers I have been contracted on occasions to provide purchase advice.

If you are seriously interested in  buying a trawler for conversion to a private yacht, feel free to contact me. 

The trawlers shown below are for sale.  Expect to pay between Euro 650-950 K, depending on the age (1983-89).  These are very fine trawlers, in excellent state of maintainance (yearly to 2-yearly dockings are normal).  Lengths very between 38 and 43 meters (122-139 ft) with drafts of up to 16 ft.  These are vessels for serious blue water cruising. They can be designed to be operated by a crew of 3.

This beautiful 1989 trawler for sale - just like mine !

I can work as your manager/technical consultant for the mechanical & electrical equipment selection and arrangements.   I can also offer building supervision provided you do the conversion at the NavTech Shipyard in Cartagena and our finishing facilities in Panama .  The Maaskant Shipyard in The Netherlands is another good option.  There you won’t need me to be on top of the job but, it will take a lot longer as they are busy with new contruction and it will cost you considerably more.

If you live in the US and want a very VERY high level finishing, you may want to consider doing the steel- and mechanical work in Cartagena and the finishing in the US or in Panama (it’s easier and cheaper to get working crew and/or parts/items to Panama).  It will still bring cost savings.  With our own conversion for instance, we estimate the removal work (steel, masting, isolation, rubbing strikes, etc.) cost about 1/4 of what it would cost in The Netherlands and is done twice as fast.

This older 1983 model is in good shape and very affordable platform for conversion

So for the conversion,  Colombia is the most cost-effective place, possibly in combination with finishing in Panama.  If you want some very high-end finishing which require special craftmanship, you can take the vessel to your country.

A 42 m. 1988 trawler - to take your car with you :-)

Contact: Thorwald Westmaas

Trawler-to-yacht conversion consultant
thorwald @ expeditionyacht dot org

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