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Just received a book I ordered from Hempel, the Danish coating manufacturer (# 3 in the world I think).  Almost 500 pages on corrosion projection serves as the “inspector’s book of reference”.  It’s the translation to English of a Norwegian training guide for certified coating inspectors.  The Norwegians with their maritime history and many oil exploration platforms in the North Sea know a thing or two about corrosion protection .The book covers corrosion itself, protection measures, surface preparation and equipment, pre-treatment, application, paint coating materials but also covers topics like coating failures, thermal spraying, passive fire protection and inspection methods and equipments.  Cathodic protection, both with sacrificial anodes as well as impressed current is also covered in depth.  Cathelco logo

To learn more about this form of corrosion protection, check out the informative Cathelco website.  And if you want to know everything there is to know corrosion protection of your ship and about coatings, get ‘the Frisio’ book from Hempel.

Of course, there are also independent coating consulting companies that can provide independent advice and job supervision and inspection.  I found these two companies in the Yacht Report that between the two of them have probably been involved with 50% of all mega yacht paint jobs:

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