Personal blimp?

One of those days, I was swimming in the Atlantic Ocean and saw this blimp go by and I thought, how cool is that! Imagine doing dropping anchor in a bay at the Darien Gap and then follow the rivers upstream at tree-top level.  O do a Panama Canal cruise, slow and silent?

Some dude crossing the Atlantic in a blimb?

Anyway, this blimb was developed by the folks at Sky Yacht, makers of the Personal Blimp.  A cross-breed of a hot air ballon and a traditional blimp.  It’s not for sale yet but it has made over 40 flights and if the FAA cooperates, it might be for sale by the end of the year.  Compared to the smalles helium filled blimps on the market starting at $ 2 million, the Personal Blimp which uses hot air, will cost between $100-200 K.

Check out their video.

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