Trawler conversion project for sale

Well, all good things come to an end and it now applies to my involvement in this great project.  The current owners have decided to put the ship up for sale as the market conditions didn’t allow them to raise the capital they needed.

A lot of work has been done to make the ship ready for conversion.  It includes removing all insulation in the fishing hold, removing fishing gear, winches and masting, removing the rubbing strakes, eliminating all direct current equipment that was  needed to power the winches,  removing 2 generators to make space for smaller ones (one 5-year Deutz 1005c aux. engine left) and lots of  smaller jobs.

By removing all the insulation it’s obvious the the steelwork on this 132 ft (40 m.) vessel is in excellent condition although obviously it needs a paint job on the outside.  Only the forepeak was used with salt water and ultra sound measurements have shown that the hull there is also well within Lloyds Register limits. 

Se vende ex-pesquero holandés.  40 metros de largo, 9 de manga.  Año 1989. Excelente para conversión en barco explorador, carga/transporte, uso scientífico, taller o depósito flotante.  Capacidad de combustible: 120 toneladas; agua: 35 toneladas.  Mucho espacio en cuarto de maquinas para equipo adicional. Acero en excelente estado.  

Para mayor información – solo en Panamá: 6618-4414.

So the ship is ready to be put to adapted and be put to good use in another capacity. 

This vessel is priced to sell. Available for inspection in Panama .   For more information, leave a comment with your contact data including phone number or contact our broker Vince Krivanek or John DeCaro at  

Below a series of pictures to show the current state of the vessel with some explanations.

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09 2010

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