Tender crane

It’s been some time since  I wrote about this topic but we finally figured it out, partly due to experiences during our last crossing and conversations with people in the field. 

The initial plan was to use (heavy) aluminum tenders which required a heavy crane and we didn’t really find a satisfactory solution on where to place it.  Now that we decided to use RIB’s as tenders we can use a lighter crane which means lower price and a crane foundation that can be a little lighter too.  That in turn means new options on where to place the crane. 

We decided to widen the top wheelhouse deck at the location of the life rafts.  The widening means not only more space to fit in a crane.  It also gives us a drier deck below and makes launching the life rafts easier.   

Steelhead Marine tender cranes

The crane we plan to buy is an MCA-approved model from Canadian manufacturer Steelhead Marine.  Their cranes are well designed, look good, they have a great website and their response time and quality of feedback exceeded our expectations.

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01 2008

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